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Have you ever watched a kid? They run around all day and play.  They laugh. They cry.  They have pain but that does not stop them from continuing from their games.  Despite pain they play.  Children obtain freedom and a carefree attitude.  In note, children do not worry about where they are going or where they are going to eat or what they will wear.  They couldn’t care less.  They simply seek to live.

This is interesting to me.  Because the other day I was reading my Bible about Jesus talking with his disciples and he tells them. “Look if you want to enter my kingdom, live like him,” and then Jesus nods to the boy sitting as his lap. He tells the disciples run, play, be fun, enjoy, embrace, and laugh.  God must sit there and just say to quietly sometimes, “Who is this, Andy? He stresses about something but he does not have a clue about how to truly live.”

The more we, as people, desire knowledge on how to live the more complicated we make life.  According to Jesus, we should take notes from children.   Do you seek to run around and live without worry?  The life I live is something I am not always proud of.  I observe people walking around all day who fret about families, careers, and assignments. Now people, jobs, and exams should not be neglected for taken for granted but they should not control us. I do not want to offend anyone but life is not an assignment and I do not believe in a God who intended us to live like this; from frustration to fury. I believe in a God that intended for us to live like a child.  Goddesires for us to have freedom to love and a willingness to laugh at ourselves from time to time.  God plans for us to think; but not too much.  God always finds routes to provide for children.

Jesus did something else odd in the Luke 9.  He told the disciples to go out and seek people to share the good news, but do not plan ahead.  Jesus tells the disciples not to bring clothes, worry about food, or shelter.  Jesus said go unprepared for you need to see how God is always ready to provide you with gracious gifts.  What a mission trip? Jesus sought for the disciples to solely rely on God.  Just as the Israelites in the desert God provided food for enough food for only one day.

Children live day to day.  Kids only survive because their parents provide for them. The kids provide nothing except a body to be energized, a mind to be taught, and heart to be molded.  I believe this is how we should be, totally open to God shaping and molding us just as a potter makes something out of clay.

We must let go of control and take hold of the hand of God.


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